To: Airframe Manufacturers, Direct Factory Distributors, Registered Distributors, Dealers, Civil Aeronautics Administration.

Subject: Removal of Operating Restriction Placards for Model 1A90 Met-L-Props Installed on Continental A-65, A-75, A-80, C-75, C-85 Engines.

These Placards were originally prescribed by the McCauley Industrial Corporation as a safety measure when the Met-L-Propeller was first introduced in 1946. The 100% safety record established by over 18,000 Met-L-Props which have been placed in service since that time has led us to recommend that the placards now be removed from subject installations.

The Civil Aeronautics Administration has approved the removal of these placards as evidenced by their confirming letter to us dated August 10, 1949.

All CAA Regional Offices have been advised regarding the removal of these operating restriction placards, and of the necessity for revising all aircraft specifications in which the McCauley Met-L-Prop Model 1A90 propeller installation is listed for Continental A-65, A-75, A-80, C-75, C-85 Engines.

The subject placards found included in Met-L-Prop packages in Dealer’s and Distributor’s stocks should be discarded and not placed on the instrument panel of the airplane at the time of the Met-L-Prop installation. Also the subject placards now attached to the instrument panels of aircraft should be removed and therefrom and discarded.

McCauley Industrial Corporation